Our Cooperative

How we built our cooperative

  • The Founding
  • 1930-1960
  • 1960-1990
  • 1990-Present
Headquartered about 45 minutes south of Boston in Lakeville-Middleboro, Massachusetts, our corporate office employs over 450 people in Marketing, Sales, Finance, IT, Operations, Ingredient Technology, Supply Chain, Agricultural Supply, Research & Development, Human Resources, Legal and Communications.

Our Plants

  • With 610,000 square feet of production and storage space on 124 acres, the Middleboro plant is just a short drive from our Cooperative Headquarters. Each year this facility, which has operated continually since opening in 1966, produces more than 65 million pounds of dried cranberries and more than 2.2 million gallons of concentrate. It’s the largest cranberry processing facility in the world based on size and barrels handled; in addition, two pilot plants on site develop new and innovative Ocean Spray® products.

  • The newest Ocean Spray beverage facility opened in 2014 and can produce up to 40 million cases of product a year. 180 employees work at this 300,000 square foot facility, which produces about 40 percent of Ocean Spray’s North American beverage volume. The Lehigh Valley facility is Ocean Spray’s first in Pennsylvania and has four production lines.

  • Our Lanco facility produces 20 million pounds of dried cranberries and concentrate each year. About 100 employee work in this facility, Ocean Spray’s only one outside North America.

  • Smack in the center of the Badger State and close to many of our Grower-Owner’s farms, the Wisconsin Rapids facility produces 51 million pounds of dried cranberries and 2.5 million gallons of cranberry concentrate each year. 135 employees work in the 300,000 square foot facility located on 70 acres.

  • Markham lies just outside the rugged city of Aberdeen, Washington, where generations of lumberjacks and seaman have imprinted this hardworking town with relentless spirit. Ocean Spray’s plant here—a major employer since 1946—occupies 17 acres and a 206,000 square foot property. Its 110 employees run two production lines, with an annual output of 32 million pounds of dried cranberries and 800,000 cases of cranberry sauce.

  • Our Kenosha facility produces 24 million cases of Ocean Spray juices and canned sauces a year. With 425,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space set on 45 acres, it’s been home to our Ocean Spray plant since 1975. It’s also home to some 280 employees. The Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce recognized it as the “Best Place to Work in Kenosha County” in 2013, and it’s the only Ocean Spray plant to offer a state indentured apprenticeship program to develop and grow maintenance technicians.

  • Located just outside Las Vegas, this 212,000 square-foot manufacturing and warehousing facility opened in 1994. Its 125 employees run two production lines 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and produce and pack up to 20 million cases of Ocean Spray® juices each year.

  • Tucked in the northeast corner of Texas, halfway between Dallas and Texarkana, Sulphur Springs is a small town with a self-proclaimed business-friendly lifestyle. The Ocean Spray beverage plant here, in fact, is credited with coining our own phrase, “Cran-do attitude.” This plant operates around the clock with 210,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space established in 1970 on 27 acres. Its 160 employees boast an average of more than 13 years of service and produce up to 18 million cases of beverages annually.

  • The cranberry is king in Tomah, Wisconsin, where bogs stretch across the horizon and color every aspect of life in the community. Here, Ocean Spray’s Tomah processing plant—home of the Original Craisins® Dried Cranberries—produces 31 million pounds of dried cranberries and concentrate every year. Its 125 employees average 10 years with Ocean Spray and operate three production lines in the 75,000 square foot facility, which rests on 243 acres.

Our Grower Regions & Receiving Stations

Our People

In 1930 three cranberry growers came together to form a cooperative. Today Ocean Spray has over 700 Grower-Owners and 2,000 employees worldwide.

Our Growers

  • It all started with my great-great grandfather, A.D. Makepeace. After 50 years in cranberries, his sons took over the business and banded together with two other families to form Ocean Spray. I was raised on the bog and even married a cranberry farmer. Growing cranberries is in our blood. And now my husband and I have started a legacy of our own, naming each of our bogs after a family member. Our newest bog was named 9 months ago after the birth of our first grandchild Charlotte, a 7th generation Makepeace.

  • We have a tight community of citrus growers down here in Indian River, Florida. Being a farmer is not without its ups and downs, so it’s great to have a community to rely on for support and shared knowledge. A few years back we were hit with one of the worst hurricane seasons on record. It was very damaging to the industry; I was sure I had lost my business. But somehow we all pulled together and rebuilt. And today I’m still picking grapefruits off the trees my father and I planted years ago.

  • As long as I can remember, I’ve dreamt about becoming a cranberry grower, just like my grandfather Newell Jasperson. And today, we both live and work on the Wisconsin marsh that has been in my family since 1871, back when my great-great-grandfather was a cranberry pioneer. At 91 years old, Grandpa still walks the marsh every day with my 2-year old son Jasper. We weren’t too surprised when one of Jasper’s first words was “Cranberry.” We like to think we grow cranberries here, and also cranberry growers.

  • For more than three generations now, the Larocque family has been a pioneer of cranberry farming. Over the years, the fields have become a meeting ground for our family as well as a place to socialize and share our passion. The bond between us is very strong, and we take great care to preserve these values and ensure our company’s continuity.

  • Our grandparents always taught us to appreciate the land we grew up on. After a fire destroyed our family home in 1936, our grandfather borrowed $300 to buy a small plot of land and hand-planted his first cranberry bog. Farming quickly became our family’s way of life. We were encouraged to explore a life outside of cranberries, and we did. But it wasn’t long before the bog called us back to Oregon, where the land is full of Gant family history that we’ll continue to pass down.

  • The May family has been farming for over 100 years in beautiful British Columbia. Today, there are over 50 Mays, all with families, still growing cranberries within a mile of the homestead. It's a good, wholesome lifestyle - working with family and making memories. Now, four generations work together during the harvest. Our traditions and love and respect for the land are a way of life we are proud to pass on to the next generation.