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We are proud to be the world’s leading producer of cranberry beverages as well as the best-selling grapefruit juice brand in North America. Ocean Spray® is also the best-selling overall brand in the North American bottled juice category.

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Craisins® Dried Cranberries

Made with real fruit and good as a snack or in a recipe.

Fresh Produce

Seasonal fruit straight from our Grower-Owner’s farms.

Cranberry Sauce

The Thanksgiving staple which started it all.



Where do we begin? At the most basic level, we’re all about bringing you foodservice products straight from our bogs, which taste good and are good for you.

Your customers already know Ocean Spray® as the global leader in cranberry products, but it really goes well beyond cranberry when it comes to our Foodservice offerings. We apply the same innovative spirit that makes us a retail leader in the foodservice business. For Ocean Spray, innovation is not just creating flavors and blends and bringing new products to market, but also making sure the products we create are simple to use, convenient to store and help make your life easier, and your customers happier.

No Thaw™ Juices & Juice Drinks

No-Thaw™ Juice Cups from Ocean Spray® are the finest portioned juice cups on the market. Great for patient feeding and boxed lunches!

60 oz Juices & Juice Drinks

Our 60 oz Juices and Juice Drinks provide a broad range of solutions for your operation, regardless of size or time of day.

Cranberry Sauce

Ocean Spray® Cranberry Sauce adds vibrant color, texture and unique sweet/tart flavor to any dish – with the healthy goodness of fruit!

Ocean Spray® Craisins® Dried Cranberries

Our Dried Cranberries add zesty, wholesome flavor and nutrition to any dish.

BarPac™ Mixers

Made with the bartender in mind, BarPac™ bottles are easy to set up, easy to use and fit perfectly behind any bar.

5.5 oz Juices & Juice Drinks

Ocean Spray® 5.5 oz Juices and Juice Drinks are perfectly portioned for bars and low volume operations.

125 mL Tetra Juice Boxes

Tetra Pak cartons are the environmentally friendly packaging alternative for single serve portions. Ocean Spray® 125 ml Juice Boxes are a great solution for healthcare and K-12.

Cranberry +health™ Juice Drink

The formula in our new Cranberry +health™ product has been clinically proven to reduce recurrent symptomatic UTIs. It contains the highest concentration of cranberry compounds available among Ocean Spray® juice products on the market.


The folks at Ocean Spray aren't just spending their time tending to bogs

and harvesting the best cranberries to bring quality products to you - though, that sure is a big part of what we do. We're also doing a lot of thinking about you. And how to bring diverse and innovative ideas to help improve your business. Like our No-Thaw™ Juice Cups for the healthcare industry, or our BarPacs™ Mixers, juices and juice drinks designed with ease of use and functionality for bar operators in mind, or our Craisins® Sweetened Dried Cranberries that are great as a snack or an ingredient in a variety of recipes. At Ocean Spray, we take quality and health seriously, whether it's in our products, or in how those products will benefit you.



The Ocean Spray Global Ingredients Group creates innovative cranberry ingredients to suit your needs!

Ocean Spray’s success in bringing cranberries to food and beverage manufacturers has secured its place as one of the world’s premier fruit ingredient suppliers, selling to over 70 countries worldwide.

Dedicated Product Development and Marketing teams collaborate with customers to develop exciting cranberry products with global consumer appeal.

Ocean Spray’s innovative manufacturing process and continued investment in production facilities ensure a stable supply and consistent quality while focusing on the importance of sustainability.

Ocean Spray® cranberry ingredients deliver vibrant color, distinctive flavor, unique texture and a health halo that adds value to recipes across all categories.

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International Ingredient Technology
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Ingredient Technology
Ocean Spray’s passion for cranberries, depth of scientific knowledge and market understanding allow for highly innovative ingredient development.  

The Ingredient Technology Group works in close partnership with food and beverage manufacturers to bring successful new products to market across the globe. 

View our versatile product range below to find the right cranberry ingredient for your application.  
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Ingredient Technologies

Quality Assured: Ocean Spray’s Commitment to Food Safety:

Ocean Spray is the only cranberry supplier that is 100% grower owned and has five dried cranberry plants in both the U.S. and Chile. The agricultural cooperative is committed to excellence in products and service and the superior quality of Ocean Spray® ingredients.

With an emphasis on sustainable agricultural and production practices, Ocean Spray delivers on the brand integrity that has earned it the position of market share leader.

Our proprietary process produces superior ingredients, backed by technical and marketing support. Investment in state-of-the-art, SQF Level 3 certified processing facilities maximizes efficiencies for consistent supply of the highest quality ingredients.

Ingredient Technologies

Cranberry brokers and agents around the world.

Ocean Spray operates via a global network of distributors across North America, Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

To begin using our expert development and marketing support, contact your local Ocean Spray distributor or a member of the Ocean Spray ITG business development team.

To contact our Ingredient Technologies group or if you have a Customer Comment, please click here